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Brave New World

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Soon, very soon I'll venture out into the brave new world, but first i have to finish my master's, i get my degree May 19th!! I'm applying for my doctorate at Gannon University for Counseling Psychology so I can become a licensed psychologist for individual, group, family and marital instead of just a school counselor. i'm enjoying my internship with the elementary schools, but i'm starting to intern in the high school next semester as well. assistant coaching cheerleading has been a great experience and i want to keep up with that next year. cory and i are planning to move into a townhouse in buffalo in somewhere between may or august. i know some people aren't happy about that, but i haven't given up my morals i still believe in waiting until marriage for certain things, but i also have always believed that moving in is the next step before getting engaged or married--which are still things cory and i actively talk about. even though it's a long ways off we already have names picked out for kids and what pets we want to acquire. we both want to be financially set before we do the whole engaged/married thing. anyways, i'm really really happy. i'm broke, but happy. my luck should change soon i'm starting to apply for school counseling jobs for next fall, cross your fingers for me that it is in buffalo or at least closer to my sister. we've been apart basically since i left for college in 2001...i miss her tons and after almost six years with little time for each other, i'm hoping that can change. she is one of the most important people in my life.

i hope all of you are having a good start to the year 2007. i'm scared about not getting hired, but i need to be positive and be brave. i started the year out in a brave direction....i finally got my bellybutton pierced. it looks great. i was so nervous i just about passed out afterwards, but it was just from the adrenaline, it really didn't hurt as bad as i thought it would. so, i need to continue to be brave and follow my dreams. you all should do the same. life isn't weren't living if you don't live it to the fullest.

and with that i shall leave you for now...i have much procrastination to get rid of and work on my portfolio so i can graduate, job and doctoral applications to finish, and oh yeah, go out and enjoy the rest of my vacation.
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