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My parents are up for a visit for a few days.  Besides the fact that it is a bit awkward sharing an 855 sq. ft. two-bedroom apartment, things are working out well.  They met the pastor at the church i attend who is going to do the premarital counseling...when we get there.  We also went out to dinner with a local older guy from church in his 70s, Doug.  He has really taken Cory and i under his wing, and he and Cory can talk history so that is great.

The job thing...well, i got a rejection letter from the school a day after my last entry.  I cried a lot because come on, it was part-time, i can't even get a two day a week job as a school counselor?  Something must be wrong.  And something was.  First, i decided to run my resume over to another elementary school needing Pre-K and fifth grade teachers.  Pre-K i'm confident i could do, my mom did it.  Fifth grade...well, it comes with a manual or something, lol.  Then, i get an e-mail this past Wednesday from Human Resources inviting me to meet with administrators of the county schools.  Okay...don't know what that was all about, but i decided to check it out, they did just get my Tb results, so i should be good for employment, right?  Wrong.  It was an initial interview...the same one basically that i had back in March.  Turns out, they lost my record i guess because they hadn't realized this was my third interview with them.  I stated who i interviewed with previously and turns out the second interview with the Director of Pupil Services for screening school counselors ended up retiring the same month i interviewed.  Just my luck.  But kind of good news, me not having a job at this point was not my fault.  So, i guess it looks like i'll have to re-do that second interview.  In the meantime i'm jumping hoops to get substitute teaching because i need the money, i'm bored, and i hear that i can get a real job quicker that way...and i don't want to go back to working crappy minimum wage jobs when i have a master's degree.  i guess that's a bit stuck up, but i hate the work and don't like the little paychecks...not that i've ever really gotten a good paycheck.  So anyways, after the HR person in charge of substitute teaching was able to be persuaded to accept the letters of recommendations i had instead of having my references fill out their forms so i can start substitute teaching orientation in two weeks for a two day session.  Suxy thing is that i have to also have my fingerprints redone by their people.  i'm glad to feel like i'm actually getting somewhere now.  i can't wait to get back to doing what i love, working with people and helping students grow to their potential.

whew, that was long.  I guess i should sleep now, we're having an early Turkey day (Pie day for me, hehe) tomorrow.  Hope all is well with all of you. 
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