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Falling Petals

Catching Up

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Catching Up

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Hey everyone. Sorry for not writing here in so long. I meant to, but it was hard to write because a whole lot of bad was happening.

First off, my last semester finishing my Master's degree was a horror. I was in danger of not passing my portfolio examination which meant I almost didn't get to graduate. I was all upset and depressed and all until I finally was told I passed a week before my graduation in May. I also had to drop a course because a professor wanted to fail me for missing two classes. Insanity. To top it off two weeks prior to graduation my Toyota Prius was t-boned by a brand new Ford Explorer with two nurses inside.

Both our cars were totalled and I had to go to the ER...there were concerns that my neck and back might be injured. I'm okay now. They said I'm lucky to be alive and lucky since I was t-boned at an angle and the side curtain air bags helped. The seat belt kept me safe too, save for some abrasions. My neck and back were fine except for muscle soreness which is about gone. Praise the Lord!

The other driver asked me if my baby was okay. HaHa!! :) Apparently she thought my backpack and laptop in the backseat was a baby. Well, if I had a baby it woulda been dead since they were speeding over 40 and my driver side totally caved in with the obliteration of the back door.

So, I have my Master's and a brand new Prius.

I've been hunting for a school counselor job (preferably elementary) since February and quickly learned that I wasn't going to get hired up North until I had three years experience.  I've narrowed my search to jobs down South. So far the interviews have been easy, but no real offers yet.  Please pray for me, it's getting a little discouraging and I hate it that I've temporarily had to move back home with mom and dad.  Boy, do I feel like a confined little teen again with no money, haha.  Luckily a prospective employer said to contact her after July 15 to see if they have any more openings.

Also, a blessing is that my boyfriend is moving down South too.  Between August and October he is moving for a good job which could lead to a management position.  Apparently it is easier to move up the ranks faster down South.  I'm happy to be moving to real beaches and a warmer climate, although I don't know how I'll adjust to being away from family.

Cory is a great guy and I've warned everyone that there will be a wedding soon.  Hopefully, next year or sooner. :)  He hasn't formally popped the question yet, but we're already looking into venues and cakes up North.  (Dad wants it at his church).  I already ordered my dress and I have a veil.  Can you tell I'm excited?! :)

My parents and I just moved again and it is going okay.  My stuff is all in the garage save for a bed and some essentials.  Dad is pastoring a new church and my is still commuting back to her old nursing job.  Mickey the cat is doing well.  He is out hunting all night every night at the nearby park and woods.

Oh yeah, and a preached on Father's Day, perhaps I'll post the sermon next time.

**Okay, go respond to my post!**
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