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Falling Petals

Piece of Me

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Piece of Me

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Okay, so I'm lazy.  I didn't get the job, and ironically I find myself writing here again worrying if I'll hear back from yet another job interview.  Go figure.  It's for the same district too.  It's been a week and this is another one for elementary.  I just got screened Tb so I'm all set to substitute teach or counsel.  I've enjoyed lazing around, but once Cory moved down here I've been the lil' housewife: cooking dinner, cleaning, laundry, etc.  That's been different and fun since he takes care of me as I do the home and our five pets, lol. There are Cory's two tortoises: Gwen and Anya and three turtles: Remmy, and the babies--Cuff and Link.  I'm still waiting to get a kitty and can't wait, but the deal I made with Cory is that I can get one when I get a job.  I see a win-win here.  I want a Sheltie too, but he wants to wait on getting dogs until we own a house.  I'll get the Sheltie then, but he also wants to get an Irish Wolfhound.  I dunno know how I'll deal being a shortie...the dog will be taller, weigh more, and probably eat more, lol.  Oh well.

So, yeah I'm listening to Britney's newest c.d. Blackout.  I have to say I like two-thirds of it, the rest is crap, haha.  Seriously, the album is pretty good, not her best effort like some reviews are saying, but it is different and has a very clubby feeling to it which I like.  Maybe this c.d. will actually motivate me to continue with a work-out.

Enough of that.  So, living with Cory is going well.  Apparently according to mutual friends he and I apparently fought a lot, like every week.  Perhaps what they considered fighting isn't really it, but Cory still thought we fought a lot.  I had no idea.  I guess that's bad, but we don't fight really anymore.  Must be that after three years we have learned to pick our battles and get over things quicker.  Now it's more of a look or making faces at each other and we're done with it.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still the vocal girl you all know.  If I'm unhappy, you'll know it, but I'm not going to make it into a big thing.  It's like I'll say "that's not right, I don't like that you talked to me like that." Done.  That's all that needs to be said, you know?  Why keep it going when I've said my piece?  I think that's why we work too.  His last girlfriend didn't let him know when things bothered her.  He and I let each other know, and we nip it in the bud.  I also am quick to realize when I've been a bitch and I apologize for it.

I'm reminded now of something I wish I hadn't said...he has been gaining weight, a lot since I first met him six years ago, and I've been careful not to say anything really until it slipped off my tongue last night.  I couldn't take it back.  It was out there.  I said he was getting fat.  I mean he's not fat he just doesn't have the fit wrestler's body he used to have.  I think it's all the starch that we eat with potatoes, mac 'n' cheese, etc. as well as the alcohol.  I'm not perfect either, I could definitely tone up and lose maybe five to ten pounds.

Anyways, things are going well.  I just need that job and I would like to set a date for the wedding.  We've talked about marriage for so long that we refer to each other as "fiance" and when older people mistake him for being my husband, I don't correct them, because he will be someday.  Before I left to move down south we planned most of the wedding.  I found the reception hall in June.  In July I got my mantilla, we chose a three tied turtle cheesecake with flowers, chose the florist and floral arrangements, and also saw dad's church that we'll get married at.  I found my dress in July and it finally came in October 20th!  I can't wait until my dress fitting in December.  I want either a spring or fall wedding so, possibilities that I'm looking at right now (depending on when he proposes) are Memorial Day weekend in May or Columbus Day Weekend in October.
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